Writing for Involve Digital 2021.

I first wrote for Involve Digital in 2016, when I was involved in its rebrand and new website. I wrote the copy and helped establish the creative direction for the bold, disruptive brand. Since then, over the years, I’ve helped Michael at Involve Digital with various copywriting projects and pitches, and we teamed up this year again for a new project.

Michael required my help as a copywriter to finesse his digital strategy, which he offers to his clients along with access to a CRM and marketing automation platform.

The challenge of the task was to find the best way to execute the strategy, and write the copy accordingly. We had to do extensive research, focusing on our audience.

The task was huge, with an eight-part digital strategy, complete with an introduction and summary page.

The task became even bigger when we decided that the best campaign strategy would require a series of emails that introduced and then summarized the chapters.

In total, the word-count was 80 words shy of 7000 words.

I’ve enjoyed writing for Michael for five years now. My intimate knowledge of the Involve Digital brand helped make the project run smoothly, keeping under budget despite the huge workload.

Due to the target audience, it was crucial, above all else, that the copy was clear. We were writing to Chief Marketing Officers who wanted substance over style. To ensure that the copy found some harmony between the hard-hitting design and the ‘safe’ writing approach, I wrote impactful headings.

Visit the live project here, and pick up your free strategy if you’re interested: https://involvedigital.com/digitalstrategy/