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Freewrite is a distraction-free smart typewriter for serious writers, and they needed a website. Adam from Freewrite, who was blown away by the way in which Alexander Engzell and I reimagined the brand of Bonne Marque, wanted the Freewrite site complete within six weeks, so we had to get off to a strong start.

After discussing with Adam the key advantages of the Freewrite — and this would be our approach to segmenting the copy, one advantage at a time — we compiled a list and I went away with the express intention of focussing on the first advantage of the Freewrite and writing a paragraph to establish tone to present to Adam the following day:

Freewrite is a smart typewriter that pairs your productivity with your prose, poetry and point of view. Write undistracted, permanently apart from procrastination and with your greatest work in your own hands. A fundamental rule of writing is to cut whatever possible and Freewrite embodies this: every function contributes to the betterment of your writing, and superfluous elements have been refused.

The audience of Freewrite are writers who will appreciate the playful alliteration within the first sentence, the unconventional sentence structure of the second sentence, the sharing of a fundamental rule of good writing in sentence three, and the slightly snobby concept of ‘superfluous elements’ being ‘refused.’ Adam was impressed and, although the version above was transformed through a number of edits, I continued in the same vein to write about the other advantages of owning a Freewrite.

Writing alongside fine art and avant-garde design brings its own challenge, knowing there is added responsibility for the writing to offer solid ground to the wild concept and portray the message of the brand and product in a more literal fashion. The illustration in the section below, for example, presents the founder of Freewrite with his lobotomized, oversized head held to the ground by pegs, and with a smaller but complete version of himself using a Freewrite underneath the semi-floating monster. Writing similarly offbeat words would have alienated the audience, so clarity was key.

The final approved version of the writing is more straightforward and sales-focussed, partly due to Adam’s input at Freewrite and also in keeping with my aforementioned concern that readers needed to know precisely what we were saying, without question. Sales-friendly phrases were suggested by Adam and I felt that presenting them plainly, sometimes in list-form within the passages, contributed clarity to the website. Besides, there is still some poetry in the copy and the result is a mutual effort between writer and client, giving appropriate freedom to the fine art and avant-garde designed website.

A writer’s thoughts and stories from the creative industry – the projects that brought the awards, the process behind the words.

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