The story of a two-man studio taking on a significant project for one of the world’s biggest brands. It’s only through reflection that I have begun to appreciate what we accomplished. We created the Vogue Arabia brand and we launched this new edition of Vogue somewhere it had never been before. This project mattered. And we succeeded.

Part One.

During my time at Bonne Marque, I wrote everything under the agency’s name, under the strict principles that defined our aggressive and driven brand character while also leaving room for imagination. Minimalism works. It attracts the clients to where you want them to focus, and if there are any gaps, the client fills the gaps themselves, with exactly they want to hear. We had complete control. On the face of it, we were just a two-man team in an unfashionable Balkan country, but my writing and my partner’s design attracted the most fashionable and iconic brand in the world. My writing gave Vogue and Condé Nast the confidence that no other agency were up to the task.

They saw things in my writing that they saw in themselves. Everything I had written under Bonne Marque’s name, occasionally in the face of disrupting the friendly industry in which we operated, with challenge and resistance, had been leading up to this point. My writing was honest and true to the talents of our agency, and I was honored to hear that we were chosen to launch Vogue Arabia because of my writing.

This demonstrates not only a knowledge of brand strategy and how to express brand values through copy, but also a determination to follow through on principles. It’s not always easy to disrupt. Going with the flow is the smoother journey. But life is an adventure, and I intend to live it.

Part Two.

The Princess.

I enjoyed working with Deena. She was always forthright and dedicated to the success of Vogue Arabia. Together, we worked on press releases, articles which were published under her name, copy for the website, campaign ideas, and any other writing task that came up. The Creative Direction of the project was smooth. I had a perfect working relationship with my partner, the designer Alex Engzell, and, as always, it was just a case of leading the freelancers we hired to help with the project and getting our heads down and working with the relentless passion that shaped every day of our lives.

Vogue Arabia still carries the brand we created. We launched the website that they still use today. It was a huge success and I should have written about it sooner. The truth is, I failed to appreciate what a feat it was to land, direct, and launch a project of such magnitude. I’m more experienced now, and I’ve seen plenty of projects fail and succeed. I’ve been through a lot, and I still haven’t seen another case of such a tiny team taking on the world and making a damn fine success of it like Alex and I did with Vogue Arabia. If that’s not worth talking about then I don’t know what is.

A writer’s thoughts and stories from the creative industry – the projects that brought the awards, the process behind the words.

A writer’s thoughts and stories from the creative industry – the projects that brought the awards, the process behind the words.