• G Clarke

    G Clarke

  • Simon HEMERY

    Simon HEMERY

    Réparer avant d’augmenter. La stratégie par le Design @spintank

  • Adam Lowe

    Adam Lowe

    Adam is the co-founder of mobile storytelling app unrd and Chief Creative Officer. He oversees all Original and IP on the platform.

  • Martin Ehrlich

    Martin Ehrlich

    Lead designer and crafter of online adventures at the swiss agency Heed.

  • Bookmark


    Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes. Bookmark.com.

  • Lee Campbell

    Lee Campbell

    UI x UX designer

  • Garret Schauteet

    Garret Schauteet

    I can’t write but I’m going to. I design digital stuff.

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