An on-fire three-month process that saw me team up with the San Diego guys to give the BASIC brand the digital presence it deserves with its fresh 2017 launch. This was about hitting the keywords and still expressing the unique BASIC attitude. All in all, the final word count — website copy and case studies — extended that of my most recent novel. A serious effort, a great result.

People familiar with my writing know that I prefer to avoid statements like “we are a digital design agency” because it makes it too easy to sound like everyone else, which, in my opinion, is the death of creativity. It was important that BASIC included such phrases on its site though, so I experimented with form. By applying the dictionary definition style above — not overly original, but original enough in the ‘creative’ industry — I presented the overused terms in a new light. The best thing about this delivery is the confident redefinition of the word ‘BASIC.’ More than ever, the San Diego agency are taking ownership of this simple word with my writing. It looks cool, too.

The creative direction was challenging; I was expected to appeal to high-ranking CEOs with SEO-friendly keyword copy while striking a cool, Hip-Hop tone at the same time. It was almost impossible to achieve these very disparate qualities at the same time, so I focused on specific areas such as the title on the about page to communicate the more personality-driven copy. I researched BASIC’s history and was happy to discover that it formed 7 years ago. It helped me write the alliterative iambic pentameter title — KILLING IT FOR SEVEN YEARS AND COUNTING… — which is one of my favorite lines on the site, capturing and establishing the new and cool BASIC brand.

The section above is an example of one of the more detailed passages on the site. The title is safe, born from a compromise to include some non-threatening copy for the conventional-thinking half of the audience. This passage was a piece I wrote with Kerouac as my main inspiration. A return to beat culture felt appropriate with how I felt BASIC wanted to be thought of in its industry. Cool, creative, but popular. It’s not as wild as I first imagined, but I was happy to compromise the beat style in places to create the best copy for all involved.

I’m proud of the title above. It’s always difficult to signpost a client list. My temptation is to go simple, with a one-word title like ‘Brands’ or ‘Partners,’ but I wanted to do something special for BASIC. They have a powerful list of clients and it deserved some original thinking. My title is modest and, I feel, consistent with the way BASIC thinks of its clients. They build long-term relationships with them, based on creative hustle and honest work. My title expresses this like no other creative agency ever has.

Each case study is representative of its subject; the Beats by Dre case study is full of Hip-Hop attitude, and the medical healthcare case study is far more professional. But each case study is without doubt BASIC in tone and delivery.

Visit the site — — for a detailed look at the digital home of the future-facing hustlers. There are plenty of gems I haven’t covered in this article. Enjoy.

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