Branding and Copywriting for Droxic.

Droxic is a digital software agency that partners with fellow agencies and businesses to deliver quality code. They had a great reputation with fellow agencies, who would hire them to complete the code of a project, but the Droxic team wanted to push for new business independently, and they brought me in to help design the new site, rebrand and reposition the agency, and write the copy.

Droxic is a global agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They work with clients all around the world, and this is the main reason the brand, design, and copy needed to be simple. The company already had a great reputation. There was nothing to prove. We just had to deliver a clean, confident website.

Although I was hired as a freelancer, I know the team well having first partnered with them for a project years before in 2017. I have worked on several projects with Droxic over the years, and I asked if I could spend time in their office as we worked on the project. They were happy to have me around, and I even participated in unrelated projects with their other clients to give me an even better sense of how the agency worked.

Knowing the agency as well as I do, I fought over the word ‘proactive’ on the about page. I loved the simple design and copy, and I understood why they went for the unthreatening colour-scheme, but I felt it wasn’t doing them justice. They are an energetic and passionate bunch, and they aren’t your usual agency. The right word in the right place changes everything, and I’m glad I fought for the word ‘proactive’. It sets the tone of the about page while not overstepping its mark. It’s a relatively usual word. It doesn’t jump out or offend. But it is unique. I haven’t seen this word on other agency sites (like I’ve seen ‘innovative’, ‘modern experiences’, ‘tomorrow’s brands’ etc more than a hundred times).

‘Compulsion’ is another well-chosen word, rare enough on an agency site to appear original, but the meaning is spot on and exactly what you’d want a software agency to be. The poet in me loves the play in the phrase, ‘compulsion for precision’ too. It’s one of those magic phrases that satisfies all parties: it’s accurate, it’s unique and understandable, it sounds good read aloud, and it looks good on the page.

We ensured that the site branched out to include their ‘creative direction’ and ‘branding’ qualities, fulfilling the intention to push for new business and show brands that they can do it all, not only the code. Even though they don’t have an in-house copywriter, they have a long-term working relationship with me, beginning in 2017, and I have always partnered with Droxic when they have called upon me in the following years.

The rebrand and website is a confident repositioning that is minimal in the best sense of the word. As highlighted above, every pixel and word on every page is put to work. Nothing is wasted. And unique brand character has been expressed diligently with certain selected words. I have seen Droxic grow from an agency partner to an independent and confident agency, and I look forward to their continued growth, proud that I have played my part.

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