I wrote a video script and recorded the voice-over to launch a new animator plug-in for luge.

This project was in addition to copywriting for luge, which you can read about here: https://samthenoun.medium.com/copywriting-with-luge-1be6a58c57c

This project was a natural extension of the initial copywriting project. We were introducing a new technical service to people. We needed to create something that made an impact, and something that could be easily understood.

Take a look a the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLcKgLqrfQc&ab_channel=Luge

The story of a two-man studio taking on a significant project for one of the world’s biggest brands. It’s only through reflection that I have begun to appreciate what we accomplished. We created the Vogue Arabia brand and we launched this new edition of Vogue somewhere it had never been…

An on-fire three-month process that saw me team up with the San Diego guys to give the BASIC brand the digital presence it deserves with its fresh 2017 launch. This was about hitting the keywords and still expressing the unique BASIC attitude. All in all, the final word count —…

Created during summer 2016 alongside our work with Vogue Arabia and Conde Nast, the new portfolio of Alexander Engzell — Bonne Marque’s Founder and Executive Creative Director — stands as a perfect example of our bold and diverse creativity: design, video, development, photography, and, of course, writing. …

S. Burrows / Born Writer

A writer’s thoughts and stories from the creative industry – the projects that brought the awards, the process behind the words.

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