About Writing is a project that I started with a promise that any writer can access free content that will help them become a better creative writer. I’ve taken the time to go through all advice from the website’s first six months and put the best of it in a new convenient order, arranged in the following chapters:

  • 4: NOVELS
  • 6: POETRY

Please remember that this isn’t the definitive ‘how to write’ guide because About Writing is an ongoing project with plenty of helpful…

I wrote a video script and recorded the voice-over to launch a new animator plug-in for luge.

This project was in addition to copywriting for luge, which you can read about here: https://samthenoun.medium.com/copywriting-with-luge-1be6a58c57c

This project was a natural extension of the initial copywriting project. We were introducing a new technical service to people. We needed to create something that made an impact, and something that could be easily understood.

Take a look a the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLcKgLqrfQc&ab_channel=Luge

My colleagues at Waaark created an animation plugin for developers and I wrote the copy for the website, https://luge.cool/, having an input on the luge brand and design of the site.

We went for a Brutalist design, feeling it would resonate with the audience. It was a design that showcased the plug-in in action, with the site being created by it. Because of the brutal nature of the site, the brand developed a bold tongue with its playful personality. This led the way for the use of the word ‘uncreative’ at the top of the site.

I launched a website, http://aboutwriting.co.uk/, to help support and improve writers. The project would involve content writing, SEO, social media, digital marketing, research, strategy, copywriting, branding, design, and development. And aside from the development and logo, I am responsible for everything.


The first step was audience and industry research. I knew I wanted to help support and improve writers, but I needed to know which writers I wanted to help. I concluded that my primary audience is new writers (young or old) who have a passion for creative writing, but haven’t had the opportunity to study it in depth…

I first wrote for Involve Digital in 2016, when I was involved in its rebrand and new website. I wrote the copy and helped establish the creative direction for the bold, disruptive brand. Since then, over the years, I’ve helped Michael at Involve Digital with various copywriting projects and pitches, and we teamed up this year again for a new project.

Michael required my help as a copywriter to finesse his digital strategy, which he offers to his clients along with access to a CRM and marketing automation platform.

The challenge of the task was to find the best way…

Droxic is a digital software agency that partners with fellow agencies and businesses to deliver quality code. They had a great reputation with fellow agencies, who would hire them to complete the code of a project, but the Droxic team wanted to push for new business independently, and they brought me in to help design the new site, rebrand and reposition the agency, and write the copy.

Droxic is a global agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They work with clients all around the world, and this is the main reason the brand, design, and copy needed to be simple. The…

The story of a two-man studio taking on a significant project for one of the world’s biggest brands. It’s only through reflection that I have begun to appreciate what we accomplished. We created the Vogue Arabia brand and we launched this new edition of Vogue somewhere it had never been before. This project mattered. And we succeeded.

Part One.

This story has taken me a little time to tell. I’ve been busy working with other brands, but that’s not the reason. The truth is, I never truly appreciated the significance of my role in this project until recently, and it begins with…

Introducing Twotwentytwo

Twotwentytwo is a creative code studio based in Sweden, and I have worked with them from day one, helping the founders understand and form the personality of the brand and even providing the name of the company. In February 2018, they were ready to launch the Twotwentytwo website and social media — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium — and I was responsible for putting a team together to help launch their new brand, share their portfolio of work, and build the brand values across social media.

I brought in Petya Panowa to oversee the social media accounts in the…

An on-fire three-month process that saw me team up with the San Diego guys to give the BASIC brand the digital presence it deserves with its fresh 2017 launch. This was about hitting the keywords and still expressing the unique BASIC attitude. All in all, the final word count — website copy and case studies — extended that of my most recent novel. A serious effort, a great result.

People familiar with my writing know that I prefer to avoid statements like “we are a digital design agency” because it makes it too easy to sound like everyone else, which…

Created during summer 2016 alongside our work with Vogue Arabia and Conde Nast, the new portfolio of Alexander Engzell — Bonne Marque’s Founder and Executive Creative Director — stands as a perfect example of our bold and diverse creativity: design, video, development, photography, and, of course, writing. And this article is about my writing.

Between May 2015 and October 2017, every article and written interview in Alexander Engzell’s name was written by me. …

S. Burrows / Born Writer

A writer’s thoughts and stories from the creative industry – the projects that brought the awards, the process behind the words.

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